THROWBACK FRIDAY – From Siena With Love

I fell in love with Italy when I started studying Italian and watching Italian movies 10 years ago. It captivated me with its vibrancy – people are so expressive, you start talking with them and after a few seconds you naturally gesticulate just as they do. Their passion for good food, good coffee and good wine is simply admirable. The beauty is their hallmark. How not to fall in love with Italy?!
I’m passionate about history and places that are able to offer you a time travel, and there is one special place that stole my heart immediately… A beautiful Tuscan town of Siena! It’s such a treasure… There are so many narrow cobble-stoned streets, each of them hiding their own secret, so many cozy coffee bars and of course iconic pizzerias. A visit in Siena will always be a delicious treat for both the stomach and the eye.