Singapore Dream Hotel


Am I exaggerating or a hotel with a boat-like construction on the roof and world’s highest and largest infinity pool deserves to be called a dream hotel? Well, I will let you make a judgement having as a reference a couple of pics that I have taken while in Singapore. The dream hotel I am talking about is Marina Bay Sands Hotel situated just in the heart of the city, overlooking Marina Bay and Singapore’s impressive skyline. However, before you will see the hotel from every perspective, let me introduce you with some facts:

Name: Marina Bay Sands – it’s composed of 3 towers and each of them has 55 storeys. The towers are connected by SkyPark – roof terrace.

marina bay sands hotel 2

marina bay sands


Number of rooms: 2561 (hell, it’s huge! When you look at it, you actually don’t realize how big it is…).

hotel rooms in marina bay sands

hotel rooms in marina bay sands hotel

marina bay sands rooms

marina bay sands hotel 4


  • world’s highest and largest infinity pool (146 m of vanishing edge), and observation desk (more about it HERE – both on 57th floor – 191 metres above the ground)

marina bay sands terrace

marina bay sands pinterest

infinity pool in

air view marina bay sands

  • world’s largest atrium casino (it has 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines)
  • lasers on the roof which every night provide spectacular light show on the waters of Marina Bay
  • Venetian-style canal at the very bottom of the hotel’s shopping centre. So, if you missed a gondola ride while in Venice or you have never been to Venice, you have a chance to experience such a ride just in the middle of the shopping centre.

gondola rides in singapore


  • huge ice rink with artificial ice

ice rink in singapore


  • two crystal pavillions – one of them houses two night clubs, and the other is world’s largest Louis Vuitton boutique, which not only is situated on a floating island, but is also connected with the hotel’s shopping centre via un underwater tunnel (HOW HILARIOUS IS THAT???).

avalon night club in mariba bay sands crystal pavillion

crystal pavillion

world's largest louis vitton boutique

marina bay waterfront promenade

That is why I call it a dream hotel… :))) Now, what do you think about it?

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