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One-day Visit in Sigapore Botanic Gardens

One of Singapore’s top attractions is a green part of the city, full of lush vegetation, being on the list of the Unesco World Heritage Sites. It’s nothing else, but a huge, very well-preserved botanic garden. A full-day visit in Singapore Botanic Gardens is a great way of escaping all those skyscrapers, city noise and intolerable heat and immerge yourself…

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The Best of Bali

The first encounter with Southeast Asia might be a bit shocking for an outsider. As soon as you step off the plane, your eyes and your ears begin to fill with all kinds of new things that you feel like being in a totally unrealistic dream. Suddenly, you wake up and you realize that you paid the triple for the…

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Around Bali in One Day

You may have heard that the scooter is a very popular means of transport among tourists visiting Bali and I can assure you that it’s the fastest means of transport in this part of the world. If you don’t have much time or simply don’t put up with heavy traffic and you like to spend your holidays independently (without involving…

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